Uno Tournament Event

In January 2013, OSDPC launched its first Uno tournament in Hinche. During the event, 5 teams of 4 groups of teens(10-12 years old) were selected to participate in the event. Each group were instructed on the rules of the game and played under supervision of OSDPC staff. The winners of each group played a final round and received 1st ($25.00), 2nd ($15.00), and 3rd ($5.00) place prizes.

  • Providing financial support to a local youth basketball group in Hinche.
  • Providing uniforms and resources to local soccer teams.
  • Provided uniforms to a volley ball team during the qualifying event to participate in the summer tournament.

These are the various ways that OSDPC continues to reinforce the importance of team building, physical fitness, and youth development.