Welcome to OSDPC

Organization of Support to the Development of the Plateau Central, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization located in Randolph, Mass. Our primary mission is to inspire and empower through health and education. Our vision is to develop and sustain a region for future generations.

We believe the driving force of the organization is to identify community needs in the areas of health and education and set overall organization priorities of enhancing the quality of life ofcommunity stakeholders. In addition, we seek to create safe and productive communities where people can work, live, play, and develop their potentials. We can achieve these goals by empowering people, increase community participation, foster social cohesion, enhance cultural identity, and strengthen institutional development through equity and fairness.

Our Team

Paulette Paul

Paulette Paul’s shared passion for community development, community service, mentorship, and education prompted her to become a founding member of Organization of Support to the Development of the Plateau (OSDPC). As President, Paulette Paul is responsible for overseeing all facets of domestic and international operations of the organization to include resource limited developmental strategies, training and development. She applies her diverse leadership experiences to help trans-national charitable nonprofits identify emerging trends, engage in critical policy issues, exchange proven practices, and advance their missions through advocacy. Paulette also has extensive industry knowledge and track record of implementing processes that promote change.

Paulette has over 25 years as a Certified Court Interpreter from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In her capacity, she accurately and idiomatically renders a message from Haitian Creole without any additions, omissions or other misleading factors that in any way alter the intended meaning of the message from the source language speaker in a courtroom or legal environment. As the Massachusetts most senior staff Haitian Creole Interpreter, she has trained and mentored several interpreters and has been instrumental and translating key agency policies and procedures.

Paulette is focused on delivering customers of OSDPC a differentiated experience by creating avenues to develop sustainable resources in the areas of health and education. Paulette’s transformational platform of change rest on helping communities to adapt to the digital changes of the environment, finding purpose, harnessing collaboration, and driving adaptive changes.  She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Criminal Justice.

Estenieau Jean

Estenieau Jean has been working in Healthcare, Financial Management, and Compliance for over 20 years and has been serving in nonprofit and leadership and management for decades. He has been in management of PACE organizations across many states for the past 20 years. He is currently Executive Director of Global Affairs and Planning of Organization of Support to the Development of Plateau Central, a Boston-based nonprofit. A native of Hinche, Haiti, Estenieau Jean received his first degree in Law from the National School of Law and Economics of Gonaives, Haiti. He has worked as Legal Counsel for the Electoral Departmental Office for 3 years and as Clerk Magistrate for over a decade in Haiti. Estenieau Jean spent prior years of his career between Haiti’s judicial system and academia; he spent a decade of his professional life teaching. He holds a B.S. in Finance from Suffolk University and a Master of Science in Public Affairs in International Relations from John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Patriot Conventions, LLC – a US-based international firm providing a range of services from project management, logistics, to service delivery to diverse portfolio of clients including private sector and the United States Army. He is a member of FPA.

Jack Parent

As Executive Secretary and Public Affairs Coordinator, Jack Parent oversees the elements of public affairs, including, media relations, digital media engagement, outreach, and internal information for Organization of Support to the Development of the Plateau (OSDPC). Mr. Parent is also responsible for conducting strategic security assessment and analysis, leading both personnel and operational programming actions, to prepare the organization for current and future operational requirements which focused on building interagency and international partnerships with the international community. Mr. Parent assists utilizes his skills and experiences to assist in the development and implementation of significant and sustainable programs that successfully support the full spectrum of quality of life support and services in the local community and transnationally. 

Mr. Parent’s unique blend of experiences and passion for the mission makes him the ideal choice to serve as an appointee to Massachusetts’ Governor Baker’s Black Advisory Commission. The Commission advises the Governor and Lieutenant Governor on issues relating to the economic prosperity and well-being of the black community living in Massachusetts. The commission specifically addresses issues within the 351 communities in the areas of educational opportunities, economic prosperity drivers such as public and private economic development, health care and housing access, public safety, and job training and long-term career development.

Mr. Parent earned a Bachelor of Science degree magna cum laude, from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in Criminal Justice with a minor in Political Science.