Social Recreational & Developmental Initiatives

OSDPC believes that recreational events are one of the many ways to better build community and regional cohesion.

It’s only a game, right? Many people who have not experienced an agonizing last-minute defeat in the fourth quarter utter these words. However, what they don’t seem to understand is the impact of sports and games in life. For some…it is life.

The importance of participating in sports and games not only enhances your quality of life but also improves the developmental, communal and physical aspects of every participant, including the spectator.

The mental component of team games helps develop strategies, such as deductive reasoning and critical thinking, as well as fostering social skills essential to successfully functioning in society. While involved in youth activities, children can learn about teamwork, responsibility, accountability, discipline, respect, communication and self-esteem. Game are pivotal role in positively shaping the social as well as the developmental skills of children and adults

Impacting social development classifies games as essential cornerstones of this society. Games can have positive influence on the outlook and self-worth of many young adults, particularly young women

Summer 2014 Youth Recreation and Socialization

Summer 2014 Youth Retreat

UNO Tournament Event