Summer 2014 Emergency Medical Services Update

Prevention is a core value of any health system. Nonetheless, many health problems will continue to occur despite preventive services. OSDPC continues to make an argument for the role of emergency medical care in improving the health of the people of Hinche and its surroundings and meeting expectations for access to emergency care. We consider emergency medical care in the community, during transportation, and at first contact and regional referral facilities. Obstacles to developing effective emergency medical care include a lack of structural models, concerns about cost, and sustainability in the face of a high demand for services. A basic but effective level of emergency medical care responds to perceived and actual community needs and improves the health of population.

Being a third world country does have its share of disadvantages when it comes to medical facilities. In a third world country rarely is it that one gets to avail the services of a first class ambulance when required. However, even when it is available, these ambulances are twice more beneficial in a place with limited medical facilities and services. This is because a first class ambulance acts as a life saver often not just because it conveys critical patients quickly but also because it has enough resources inside it to save a patient during the journey. A first class ambulance promises and keeps it promise of offering the finest and best medical services that can be provided within an ambulance. In fact the introduction of a few first class ambulances might ensure the initiative and effort to try and maintain its standards by improving the medical services and resources that are available.

In July of 2014, OSDPC donated an ambulance to St. Theresa Hospital of Hinche. This ambulance which was originally donated by Cataldo Ambulances in Massachusetts is fully equipped with advance life saving capabilities. The second ambulance which was originally donated by the state of Florida will be utilized by OSDPC to initiate an Emergency Medical System of Care for the region.