Summer 2014 Boucan Carre Seedling Project Update

Securing sustainable livelihoods and food system in rural Haiti is of utmost priority; it has become clear in the post-quake period with more acute and periodic food shortages. The spread of acute poverty in rural areas has caused many problems among others malnutrition of marginalized and economically depressed segments of the populations. The goal of this project is to support sustainable livelihoods and local food security initiatives of local communities in Boucan Carré and to support farmers associations’ efforts.

During the month of July, OSDPC Representatives met with the local leaders and Agronomist of the project. OSDPC was very pleased with the results of the project and was able to speak to several farmers who had benefitted from this initiatives. Not only was it clear that the project was a success, but vividly evident of the compound social affect that it has brought to the farmers, to their community and on the social economic vitality of the region.