Prevention is a core value of any health system. Nonetheless, many health problems will continue to occur despite preventive services. OSDPC continues to make an argument for the role of health for the people of Hinche and its areas

 From July 20 to 30, 2019 OSDPC is organizing a free health and dental screening mobile clinic in the Hinche and surrounding areas with the help of U.S. volunteer nurses and dental hygienists. The medical professionals from the US will partner with local school nursing schools to enhance their triage capabilities. The dental hygienists will provide scaled level of care to segments of the population. The application of a mobile clinic in the aftermath of the earthquake and cholera outbreak is a key strategy to mitigate these healthcare inefficiencies. The standard health care system in Haiti is overwhelmed and underfunded. Therefore, health establishments capable of delivering services are private, costly and many do not have the necessary means to access them for treatment.

The medical and dental team will also provide on-site consultations to patients of Saint Therese General Hospital of Hinche, various seminars on selective ailments ,etc.   Mobile Health Clinic Participants who attend the Mobile Health Clinic will be screened for medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, and vision loss.

Rarely is it that one gets to avail the services of a first class ambulance when required. However, even when it is available, these ambulances are twice more beneficial in a place with limited medical facilities and services. With 2 ambulances currently in usage, we will not only save lives, but transform medical and dental services in the region.

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