We are about to begin phase two of the construction of the automotive building.¬†Community members continue to see the school as a sign of hope and envision either themselves or their children seating at one of the seats on the first day of school’s opening. The way ahead is a practical and efficient avenue as we get input from industry leaders regularly about the skills students need to be successful in the workplace, replicate the environment and standards students will experience in the field and have qualified instructors and up-to-date equipment to prepare students for today’s work environment.

What will the student mechanics do? They will work with all of a car’s parts and systems, from the brakes and air conditioning to the belts, hoses and steering. Our students will be familiar with all of these systems to diagnose customers’ problems and may specialize in particular areas. With three classrooms(1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students), student mechanics must be able to use a range of tools — jacks, screwdrivers, electronic diagnostic equipment, etc., and have strong problem-solving skills to find and repair problems. The institute will prepare students for success by providing a hands-on and engaging environment for learning. After you graduate from the institute, you’re not just leaving with a diploma, but a diploma and certification. At The Hinche Technical School that dream can start to become a reality.

New school picture 2016B
Future Hinche Technical School – Automotive Technician Program