Marmount Environmental Conservation and Renewal Program

Land degradation in rural communities due to flooding is increasing at alarming rate by excessive cutting of trees for making charcoal. Loss of fertile soil per hectare per year is due approximately to 75% of rainwater. Soil conservation is a strategy for better ecosystems management and agricultural productivity. This project will be a corrective means to ecological challenges facing rural communities of Hossé Mary, Bayicite and Nandrapo. It will be implemented over 25 km of ravines and 75 hectares of land in which development of mechanical and biological structures will be erected. The retention of arable land through construction of hedgerows will improve agricultural productivity, which, therefore, will result in income generation for farmers.

Designed after several discussion sessions, this project is bringing together peasants gwoupman, community leaders, local authorities, and members of several organizations working in rural communities affected by soil conservation and ecosystems management issues. This project aims at reducing rate of soil degradation in rural communities of Hossé Mary, Bayicite, and Nandrapo, and at improving living conditions of the peasant families affected by soil conservation and ecosystems management issues while creating short-term labor intensive jobs for farmers in these communities.