Boucan Carre Seedling Project


Securing sustainable livelihoods and food system in rural Haiti is of utmost priority; it has become clear in the post-quake period with more acute and periodic food shortages. The spread of acute poverty in rural areas has caused many problems among others malnutrition of marginalized and economically depressed segments of the populations. The goal of this project is to support sustainable livelihoods and local food security initiatives of local communities in Boucan Carré and to support farmers associations’ efforts in advocating for collaborative farming of high-yield crops.

The proposed project would help finance the costs associated with addressing food insecurity in Boucan Carré, which has worsened appreciably in recent months following below normal agricultural productivity since 2008 compounded by other environmental factors. The proposed support will help respond to the situation by: (i) providing seedling for high-yield crops to vulnerable smallholder farmers; (ii) supporting productive and sustainable targeted investments in production, transportation, storage, processing, and marketing selected food crop; (iii) providing income-generating assets for locals in so doing they can diversify their livelihood activities and establish more secure sources of income; (iv) building capacity of beneficiaries and service providers. The project will improve the ability of Boucan Carré community to adapt to climate change, and it will contribute to safeguarding livelihoods investments by slowly reversing trends in land degradation.

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