2016 Mobile Healthcare Update

From July 22 to August 30 of 2016 OSDPC organized a free health screening mobile clinic in the Hinche and surrounding areas with the help of U.S. volunteer nurses and physicians. Lead by Doctor Lisa Dobberteen from The Cambridge Alliance Hospital, the medical professionals from the US partnered with local school nursing schools to enhance their triage capabilities. The standard health care system in Haiti is overwhelmed and underfunded. Therefore, health establishments capable of delivering services are private, costly and many do not have the necessary means to access them for treatment.

The medical provided on-site consultations to patients of Saint Therese General Hospital of Hinche and educate their medical professionals on modalities of pediatric interventions, proper nutrition intake, and nursing practices. Mobile Health Clinic patients who attend the Mobile Health Clinic were screened for medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, and vision loss.

Thanks to the generosity of Cataldo Ambulance, and the state of Florida for the donation of the two ambulances provided in 2014. These ambulance came in great use during several complex cases. With 2 ambulances currently in usage, we are saving lives, and transform medical services in the region. The next step of OSDPC is to permanently enhance health capabilities by developing local health centers to serve the community.