Environmental Initiatives

ORGANIZATION OF SUPPORT TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF PLATEAU CENTRAL, INC FOOD SECURITY THROUGH COLLABORATIVE FARMING OF HIGH-YIELD CROPS Haiti is an agricultural country. In more recent decades, the country lost its agricultural edge. More than 1 million peasant families, about 65% of the population is in the agricultural sector. Although Haiti’s agricultural sector is geared towards subsistence and local markets, 50% of employment is found in the sector. The national agricultural production maintained by the peasants is 80% and livestock is 99%. The region of Plateau Central is, particularly, essential for national livestock for it is the specialty of the area. In securing sustainable livelihoods, it is essential to better socio-economic conditions of the peasants by integrating livestock using a community, collaborative-based livestock raising model that will sustain economic empowerment of peasant families because livestock is the savings of the poor.  Peasant families have no economic security since their livelihoods are fragile and can be impacted by other critical environmental factors such as loss of crops either due to drought or heavy rain. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Support local sustainable livelihoods and local food security initiatives of local communities by providing assistance and access to market to participating farmers families. Support efforts of local gwoupman in advocating for collaborative farming that would foster rural economic growth and agricultural productivity. Provide seeds and tools in helping participating farmers. Provide technical assistance by seeking market channels to sell crops.