2017 Annual Event Thank You Message

Organization of Support to the Development of the Plateau Central, Inc. (OSDPC) would like to thank all of the participants and supporters of our 9th Annual Fundraiser. A year ago we shifted the efforts of our initiatives and made education the forefront of our focus. As an organization, we believe that vocational education and training are indispensable instruments for improving labor mobility, adaptability and productivity, thus contributing to enhancing competitiveness and redressing labor market imbalances. The goal of the Hinche Technical Institute is to provide relevant and quality technical vocational education for both males and females in order to enable them to meet the requirements of the labor market. There is a scarcity of skilled labor; people with technical vocational qualifications are in short supply. One of the main problems is lack of linkages between employers and the job market. Through the Hinche Technical School, OSDPC presents a sustainable solution: To persevere despite the challenges – until every young person has the chance to thrive – to do all we can to create a world-class vocational technical system in the Central Plateau. So what are we doing to achieve that? We have accelerated construction of the automotive science building and entered phase two.  In phase two, we will complete the roof, windows, doors, and interior components of the classrooms. Only by demanding transformative changes in vocational education do we offer equal choices to young people. Only by demanding transformative changes can they gain meaningful and valuable skills.