2018 Post Annual Event Thank You Message

Organization of Support to the Development of the Plateau Central, Inc. (OSDPC) would like to thank all of the participants and supporters of our 10th Annual Fundraiser. A year ago we shifted the efforts of our initiatives and made education the forefront of our focus. This year’s theme “Rising Above” depicted our 10 years of existence and highlighted our accomplishments and determination to complete The Hinche Technical ¬†Institute. As an organization, we believe that vocational education and training are indispensable instruments for improving labor mobility, adaptability and productivity, thus contributing to enhancing competitiveness and redressing labor market imbalances.

The goal of the Hinche Technical Institute is to provide relevant and quality technical vocational education for both males and females in order to enable them to meet the requirements of the labor market. As we enter phase two, we will complete the roof, windows, doors, and interior components of the classrooms. Upon its completion we will open our doors and shape the first group of students.